Data Management Education – WSIS Forum 2020

FIT Academy/ September 11, 2020/ ENG, Training

With the participation at the WSIS+15 Forum 2020 and the speech of August 17th, Michele Valentini, Head of our Development Team, had the opportunity to announce the creation of an education and certification framework that our Team is developing with the approval of the Data Management Association (DAMA International).

Our final speech on September 9th was given by Nino Letteriello, President of DAMA Italy and DAMA EMEA Coordinator, who stressed even more how the strong connection between the “Education” and “Professional” environment is a worldwide issue on which Data and Information Management will have wide margins for growth and improvement.

The framework is designed to Mid and High Schools students, to prepare them to Universities and the Professional world with solid fundamentals of Data and Information Management; it will be launched at the end of 2020 and there will be updates in the coming months, but for now we report the linkages with the WSIS action lines and SDGs: 

  • create decent work and economic growth
  • proivide quality education
  • access to information and knowledge
  • capacity building
  • ethical dimensions the information society
  • international and regional cooperation
  • ict applications: benefits in all aspects of life

Did you miss our speech at the WSIS Forum 2020?
Follow the link to watch the live! Nino Letteriello at 28:28! Clicca qui

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